“Two” by Ryan Adams

15 Jul

I started this on my Tumblr (www.isgreenjaded.tumblr.com) which I don’t use anymore, but I’ve gotten a few requests for it to continue on.  So.  . . Every day I’ll give you a song of the day (and if I’m feeling really good) an album of the week, etc.  I’ll also give you something to look for like my favorite lyrics, melody, guitar solo, etc.  I might also give you a setting to try to match while you listen to it…(you’ll see what I mean)

We’ll start today with…

“Two” by Ryan Adams…

Lyrics to look for?

“I got a really good heart. I just can’t catch a break.”  & “It takes two and it used to take one”

Setting:  Walking in a park just *after* the sun sets.  It has to be in the fall too, because brown “jaded” leaves scrapping the sidewalk would complete this song!



One Response to ““Two” by Ryan Adams”

  1. Joel Regalado July 17, 2011 at 7:58 pm #

    Uhmm, unspected, but this a good eclectic pop mixture of country and soft rock ballad. Like it.

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