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Woodland by The Paper Kites

5 Feb

  My boyfriend (tired of hearing about him yet?) put this song on a legit mixed tape (not CD, not iPod play list) a REAL mixed tape.  I fell in love with this song.  It’s play. Stop. Rewind. Play. with this song.  Hope you enjoy!



“Inside of Love” by Nada Surf

27 Dec

I’ve always been “iffy” with Nada Surf…until this song.  I feel this way sometimes…Or maybe I felt this way sometimes… I’m not sure.

Either way, hope you enjoy.


Sideways by Let’s Go Sailing

21 Dec

Simple and Shy and Beautiful in its own way.

“I’ve been walkin’. I’ve been thinkin’.  I’ve been lookin’ at you…Sideways.

I’ve been movin’.  I’ve been dreamin’.  I’ve been lookin’ at you…Sideways.”



Something Good Can Work by Two Door Cinema Club

20 Dec

One of my new best friends, James (Korean pride!) sent me this song during Thanksgiving break when I was trying to put myself down about life, love, and all of that.  He sent it to me and said, “This song is from me to you. I heard it. And it’s for you.”

Made me so happy. And here I am. And something good can work…and it’s working… for me.

Thanks James!

Enjoy the song, folks!  Dance. Laugh. Sing.  Stay positive!


El Scorcho by Weezer

8 Oct

Weezer is just a great and original band all together.  The lyrics to this song are so amazingly awesome, that if you don’t know the words to this song you are so amazingly…not awesome.



The Authority Song by Jimmy Eat World

8 Oct

Jimmy Eat World is always a classic to my heart.  I would sneak out of Meg’s bedroom with a Jimmy Eat World record and listen to it on my own time.  I loved this song at first listen.

Mondo Bongo by Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros.

8 Oct

This has got to be one of the sexiest songs out there. Just sayin’.